This class is taught by:

Alex Sima Dipl.ST, LN, DTCM

Alex is a Shiatsu Therapist, Naturopath, Herbalist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Canada), having studied extensively in the UK, Asia, Canada and Los Angeles. He has nearly 20 years of clinical experience, including equine and canine acupuncture. He has taught at several Massage and Naturopathic colleges in Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles and has recently moved to Palm Springs. Alex spends his time doing botanical medical and clinical research, herbal formulation and product development with medical schools across North America and Europe.

Sallie Thurman CMT

Sallie Thurman CMT - Sally has been a CMT since 2000 working in hotels, private practice, chiropractic offices and teaching massage. Sallie has a passion for the viscera and has been a teaching assistant to human dissection courses for more than 10 years. Sallie is an avid learner and has over 2000 hours of various massage modality training. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with students and brings a creative bend to everything she does

This course works with the understanding of and indications for massage and bodywork methods. Students will learn to identify and understand contraindications for massage and bodywork methods. This course includes taking a basic health history. Course includes documenting client records appropriately and accurately and understanding general pathological processes and causes. Students will learn when and to whom to refer clients with pathology. Students will also learn to adjust their massage or bodywork methods according to pathology and finally how to work with medical and other healthcare professionals.

Requirements for completion: Instructor evaluation of the techniques learned and completion of all course hours. Pass/Fail.

Duration: 40 hours (clock hours)