Deep Tissue Massage I

This class is taught by:

Burt Boss CMT MBA

Burt is the former General Manager of Desert Resorts School of Somatherapy. He holds degrees in engineering and business and previously worked in the health technology field. And is the co-owner of his own massage therapy business. Burt offers extensive experience in a variety of modalities specializing in therapeutic modalities, including Deep Tissue Massage and Lymph Drainage massage. Burt has a passion for massage, bodywork and teaching.

Courses: Swedish Massage, Kinesiology, Deep Tissue Massage I, Lymph Drainage Massage, Business & Ethics, Health & Hygiene, Sports Massage I, Deep Tissue Massage II, Chair Massage, Swing Pain Workshop

Rick Valenzuela CMT

Rick is a CMT and has been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years. He is an expert on trigger points and well versed in sports therapeutic massage modalities. Today, Rick is a personal trainer and massage therapist in private practice.

Courses: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage I, Business & Ethics, Health & Hygiene, Sports Massage I, Deep Tissue Massage II, Chair Massage, Back Neck and Shoulders, Swing Pain Workshop

Gilbert Espinosa CMT

Gil Espinosa has been a life time resident of the Coachella Valley.  He graduated from Somatherapy in 1998 and worked at one of the largest resorts in the valley.  He has been self-employed as a Certified Massage Therapist since 2003.  Gil is a lifelong learner and enjoys teaching.  in addition to his core massage therapy expertise, Gil has taken continuing education classes in Muscle Release Techniques, Massage Cupping, Table Thai, and Integral Anatomy (Cadavers.)

Aurora Mata CMT

Aurora Mata is our Clinic Manager and Deep Tissue I teacher.  She has been a massage therapist for 11 years and worked at many of the best spas and resorts in our valley.  Aurora specializes in deep tissue work and enjoys helping students reach their full potential through deep techniques combined with careful body mechanics.  Aurora enjoys tutoring young children and is an avid softball player.
This course trains a therapist to administer more pressure for the client to provide a therapeutic massage. The class will assume a working knowledge of anatomy, but will provide a regimen for therapists to follow the basic techniques and body mechanics required to provide the client with an overall body massage that goes beyond a firm Swedish massage. Prerequisite: Swedish Massage and Kinesiology Requirements for completion: Instructor evaluation of the techniques learned and completion of all course hours. Pass/Fail.