Diane Charron CMT HHP

Diane is a graduate of Desert Resorts School of Somatherapy and has over 2000 hours of training in a variety of massage modalities. She graduated in 2008 with an Associate of Science Degree in Anatomy and Physiology also studying Sociology and Psychology. Diane is passionate about the energy modalities such as Polarity and Crania-sacral therapies.

Courses: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage I, Lymph Drainage Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, Business & Ethics, Health & Hygiene, Polarity, Crania-sacral Therapy, Cranial Unwinding, Windows of the Sky, Advanced Polarity

Diane Charron CMT HHP instructs the following:
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Health and Hygiene is a required course which covers the most common ways disease is spread, proper precautions to be adhered to, including proper handling of massage equipment. Students will receive handouts and homework assignments.

    Requirements for completion: Final written exam is required and a 70% passing grade and attendance of all course hours. Pass/Fail.

    Duration: 14 Clocked hours