NEW: Somatherapy Launches Medical Massage Therapist Certificate Program

Somatherapy is pleased to launch our Medical Massage Therapist advanced certification program.  This advanced training program prepares a Certified Massage Therapist for work in sports, medical, and rehabilitation settings.  This new Certificate program gives CMTs the problem solving and assessment skills to work with the most challenging clients on their own or as part of a healthcare team.   

The Program requires that each student complete an additional 250 hours of targeted training in our medical curriculum including but not limited to courses in advanced assessments, working with medical injuries, myofascial release, lymph drainage, medical coding and business, research literacy and building an evidence-based practice and case studies in medical massage.  We are very excited to launch this program that so neatly ties in with the growing demand to have massage therapists folded into a health care team.  

Students and CMTs interesting in participating will need to have passed the core requirements and show proficiency in Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology and Kinesiology.  With the busy schedule of our CMTs in mind,  students may take the curriculum over the course of 9-12 months with completion time of up to 2 years. 

This program can also be folded into our 1000 Holistic Health Practitioner program for the perfect balance of eastern and western techniques.  

Inquire to today by completing our contact form, or call us at 760.321.9214

The Following First half 2017 Courses are scheduled as part of our Medical Massage Therapist Program:

Medical Billing and Practice Considerations   8 hours   January 2st.   $160

Myofascial Release   32 hours   Thursday Evenings April 27th   $425

Stretching Flexibility and PNF   32 hours    Tuesdays March 28th    $425

Deep Tissue III   32 hours   Tuesday Mornings   May 2nd   $425

Kinesio Taping ( by the original Kinesio University NM)  KT 1 and 2,  16 hours Sat - Sun May 6-7 $369

Medical Injury and Rehabilitation I  ( muscular-skeletal ) 32 Hours May 10th 4 day workshop Wed - Saturday $425

Medical Injury and Rehabilitation II (inflammation & Scar tissue Massage ) 32 Hours May 17th 4 day workshop Wed - Saturday $425

Advanced Assessments 20 hours 20 hours June 8th Thurs - Saturday Workshop $360

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