I was extremely pleased with Somatherapy’s massage therapist certification training. The instructors are professional and knowledgeable and exceeded my expectation. Because the all of the instructors were in the business of massage therapy you really learned the ins and outs of the profession. Classes were well organized and it was clear what was expected of us. I would recommend Somatherapy institute to any individual looking to receive a great education in a professional setting.  


Johnette Elhendy – CMT Graduate 





When I first started I was surprised at how straight forward the courses were.  Somatherapy is a well-known school in the valley and many of the instructors are working at the desert resorts and clubs which made entering the job market easy.


All the instructors are professional and respectful; they spent a lot of individual time with us to make sure we got the most out of the courses.  The school doesn’t put you in debt.  It’s a great building block for getting involved in the fitness and health business.    


Kaine Tonniges  - CMT Graduate 2011 



DannylopezBecause I am blind, I needed to find the best hands on training to build my new career. Somatherapy turned out to be the perfect fit.  The school offered all the classes I needed at more competitive price than other schools.   I did my research and listened to student testimonials from all schools, and was convinced that Somatherapy offered the best training for me.  The faculty was familiar with my handicap and knew how to work with me.  Everyone said Somatherapy was really one-on-one training and that turned out to be true. 


Danny Lopez  CMT – Graduate 2012





What’s great about Somatherapy is it is truly hands on. You can be the best bookworm in the world but that won’t make you a good massage therapist. I like that the classes are smaller so you get more one-on-one time with the instructors.  The school environment is welcoming.  I really like the fact that you can finish much faster than a corporate school and pay less. 


Kristen Franz – Current Student 




JuanJimenezI had been in landscaping for 25 years, and the reason I was changing my direction was because my vision was declining. Massage therapy turned out to be a great way to use my hands. Massage therapy is fascinating. It offered much more than I expected in terms of learning how the body really works.  It is amazing how the body heals itself and being part of helping people in the healing process has been a great experience.  I must admit, Somatherapy has been my second best choice I made in life- the first one was going to the Braille Institute. 


Juan Jimenez  CMT




photo (7) I was lost and didn’t know what career direction to take. I heard about Somatherapy and it was just  meant to be for me. The school allowed me to take my time in finishing classes. I needed to keep   working and support my family. I was able to work at my own pace and with my budget. Since  finishing the school, my life has changed for the better. I am making more money with mobile  massage and I also have the opportunity to work at many local places.  


 Ramone Valdez, CMT





 I originally looked into massage because I had a friend that was a therapist and he really enjoyed the profession. He recommended Somatherapy. Once I enrolled in Somatherapy I was instantly energized. After the first few classes I became more educated and I was super intrigued by the art of massage. I enjoy making other people feel good and helping other people. Massage allows me to feel like I am healing people. The instructors are amazing, some of the best teachers I have had in my lifetime. I was able to finish in 8 months even while I was in-between jobs. The school was flexible and understood that I couldn't go to class full time. I loved that I could take individual courses instead of paying for the whole thing up front. Somatherapy opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and opportunities.


   Brian Bohler CMP



photo (6)I chose Somatherapy because my mother and brother went to the school in the 1990s and my brother in 2002 so I knew it had a great reputation.

Everyone was really friendly. If I had a question, I felt comfortable asking it and the instructors worked hard to make sure everyone understood the course work.  I finished the whole CMT program in just 9 months.  I use my CMT to work weekends and with my own personal clientele.  I am glad I came to the school because now I can work anywhere in California. It’s a great business and I meet a lot of good people.  

Elliana Villa – CMT Graduate 2011



photo (8)Very professional staff that walks the walk. Almost all the staff practice massage as a profession.  This is the best value in the valley both dollar wise and instructor wise.  One and one half years after starting my studies I am a self-employed CMT with another career.  

Ron King  - CMT Graduate 2013