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Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars At Somatherapy

Somatherapy is pleased to present Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars at our Rancho Mirage Location.    Seminars are offered from time to time.  - please call our office for the current seminar schedule.


June 3, 2017 PNMT for the Hip
June 4, 2017 PNMT for the Golf Swing20

The Hip (8 hours of NCBTMB approved continuing education)
The vital role of the hip as a source of pain and its role in healthy movement is often overlooked. Issues of the hip may present local pain but can also greatly effect areas both above and below. For instance, restrictions in the hip demand that the low back compensate, leading to low back pain. Treatment of the low back (where the symptoms present) will be frustratingly unsuccessful. It is common to have hip pain where no visible pathology is discovered, precise soft tissue approaches can be amazingly effective. The focus of this seminar is on accurate assessment strategies and effective treatment techniques to help you treat the right structure for the right reason. We don’t just teach you how, we teach you why! View a video introduction to this seminar

Normal fee - $195
Early Bird - $170
Review rate (You have taken this PNMT seminar before) - 40% off

PNMT and the Golf Swing (6 hours of NCBTMB approved continuing education)
Golf is a popular sport that is played by nearly 29 million people in the USA alone.  The physical demands of golf are often overlooked, which can lead to pain and discomfort in both recreational and serious golfers. Precise soft tissue strategies that are specifically targeted to the biomechanics of the golf swing can help golfers play more effectively and also prevent possible injuries. This also becomes a wonderful sub-specialty for massage therapists, offering golfers very specific treatment protocols tied to the demands of the golf swing. 

Normal fee - $195
Early Bird - $170

ACCURATE ASSESSMENT: PNMT training is based on tests and techniques designed to verify that the muscle being treated is truly an important player in the client's discomfort. Just because a muscle is tender does not mean it is the cause of their pain. Don't

Neuromuscular Therapy at Somatherapy Institute
PNMT Seminars
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guess; assess.


PRECISE TREATMENT: The heart of our approach is precision. Great treatment on the wrong muscle will not be successful.

Even on the correct muscle, a 5mm positional change or simply changing the direction of your pressure could be the

difference between success and failure. When treatment is not precise, therapists tend to press harder in an attempt to be effective. Our goal is to teach therapists to be more efficient and effective while making the treatment a fabulous experience for the client.


STELLAR RESULTS: It is all about results! All the training, all the therapy, all the philosophy does not matter if the client does not get the results desired. The assessment approaches we use become benchmarks for the effectiveness of the work. It will be very clear to you and your client when you are correct in your treatment approach.


This seminar is designed to be a “hands on” experience so
that you can utilize the techniques immediately. At the same time, PNMT will sharpen your anatomy skills and assist you in understanding spinal mechanics. We will address clinical applications, review the functional applications that soft tissue plays in back pain, andaddress common clinical concerns.


In this seminar, participants learn how to efficiently evaluate and treat patients with various types of head and neck pain including headaches, whiplash, disc issues, and reduced range of motion. You will learn strategies to determine the most effective treatment protocols to make a massive difference in the way your client feels. Students will also find it a great review of the anatomy and function of the neck musculature. RANCHO MIRAGE, CA

PNMT for the Lower Extremity begins with a thorough assessment of the muscles of the hip, looking closely at muscular issues as well as the effect of hip pathology on joint function. Moving methodically down the leg, we will address conditions such as piriformis syndrome, knee pain, hamstring strains, plantar fascitis, and other common lower extremity pain patterns. The class is filled with practical applications to conditions that are commonly seen in everyday practice. RANCHO MIRAGE, CA


Call to register.  Take one or all three. Space is limited, please register early.