4:36 pm

2017 Medical Massage Therapist Courses Announced

Here is our list of courses being offered toward the Medical Massage Therapist Program.

The Following (First half) 2017 Courses are scheduled as part of our Medical Massage Therapist Program:

Medical Billing and Practice Considerations 8 hours January 2st. $160

Myofascial Release 32 hours Thursday Evenings April 27th $425

Stretching Flexibility and PNF 32 hours Tuesdays March 28th $425

Deep Tissue III 32 hours Tuesday Mornings May 2nd $425

Kinesio Taping ( by the original Kinesio University NM) KT 1 and 2, 16 hours Sat - Sun May 6-7 $369

Medical Injury and Rehabilitation I (muscular-skeletal ) 32 Hours May 10th 4 day workshop Wed - Saturday $425

Medical Injury and Rehabilitation II (inflammation & scar tissue Massage ) 32 Hours May 17th 4 day workshop Wed - Saturday $425

Advanced Assessments 20 hours 20 hours June 8th Thurs - Saturday Workshop $360

Please call our office to confirm prerequisites and other information. 

7:12 pm

New Semester January 9th

We are excited to announce our new semester is just around the corner - starting Monday January 9th with Swedish Massage Month long intensive and Kinesiology on Wednesday evenings. 

This is the perfect place to start your program.  When you begin massage school you begin a journey into a new career that feeds your soul and gives you the opportunity to work in the growing field of complimentary and alternative medicine and healthcare.  13

Somatherapy is here to support your ambitions and goals for your new career.  Inquire today about our school and learn why we are the best. 

take a look at our FAQ section for more details.     Call today to schedule a tour.  760.321.9214