250-500 Hours



Advanced Coursework - Higher Voluntary Credential Programs

National Massage Therapist Program: 750 Hours - An additional 250 Hours of training beyond the CMT program.

Students may choose a combination of courses from our advance track schedule to bring their total up to 250 hours or more. (See Below) Total tuition will vary depending upon the student’s desired direction and coursework selected.

Somatherapy Institute is an National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)  Assigned Schools.  Students may choose to apply for Board Certification with the NCBTMB once they have completed at least 750 hours of education, 250 hours of hands on work, CPR Certification and Pass the BCETMB exam. Please ask for the NCBTMB Brochure.

Holistic Health Practitioner:  1000 hours  - An additional 455 hours of training beyond the core CMT program.

Students are encouraged to continue training in massage beyond the initial 545 hours as many states require as many as 750 to 1000 hours of training.   Somatherapy Institute offers three tracks for advanced massage therapy training, specifically designed to meet these needs. 

Students will choose a full compliment of courses from the advanced track schedule below.

Advanced Track Courses

Deep Tissue / Medical Massage Therapist  (Prerequisite CMT Program)


Course Hours Early Registration Late Registration
Stretching Flexibility & PNF 40 $520 $545
Deep Tissue III 32 $425 $450
Medical Injury & Rehabilitation 32 $425 $450
Myofascial Release 32 $425 $450
Hot Stone Theory 16 $385 $385
Total Deep Tissue Series 144 $2,085 $2,210

East West Massage Therapist (Prerequisite Reflexology - Recommended CMT)

Course                                   Hours Early Registration Late Registration
Acupressure 40 $520 $545
Acupressure Sho Fa 40 $520 $545
Shiatsu I 40 $520 $545
Advanced Reflexology 20 $385 $410
Shiatsu II 40 $520 $545
Total East West Series 180 $2,465 $2,590

Not all courses are scheduled regularly - call to inquire.