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November Newsletter

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New Therapist Employment Opportunities Page is Live!

Are you a Certified Massage Therapist looking for work?  We know where the CMT Jobs are!   Somatherapy is pleased to offer our alumni and local community this page on our website with listings of local massage therapist employment opportunities.   CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR THERAPIST EMPLOYMENT PAGE

Please let us know if you land employment at one of these businesses.  And ultimately if you are a Somatherapy Graduate or Alumni - we urge you to complete our survey regarding career and employment. 

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE OUR SURVEY:  Somatherapy Graduate Survey

Are you a Spa Director or Manager looking to hire Massage Therapists? Please call us so we can list your openings on our employment page:  760.321.9214
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Myofascial Release Starts Sunday 10/5

Dont miss our Myofascial Release course - Two sundays and 4 Wednesday evenings.   With Gary Nolan. 

Working with the Fascia of the body is essential for a true bodyworker.  This is a great introductory course that will give you tools you can take into your practice.  Sign up by calling 760.321.9214 ... Registration fee and book fee may apply.

See our video here:
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Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Lower Extremities

PNMT at Somatherapy Institute - Rancho Mirage CA 9/26-9/28 Register today! 760.321.9214 Read More
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NEW Intensive Added for Swedish August 27th

We've decided to run an additional intensive this summer so dont miss out! Somatherapy school offers an "intensive"  60 hours of Swedish massage training in just two full weeks.   Class meets August 27 and Meets Wednesday mornings and Thurs and Friday 9 - 6 pm.    Because this is the prerequisite to so many of our other classes, completing this course opens up a whole list of courses for you after the two weeks.  


The intensive takes on new meaning this season as the CAMTC certification law is set to change, and by the end of the year, the 250-hour Certified Massage Practitioner program will no longer be available.  Also, it does seem likely (from reading the current bill amendments) that one of the two national exams NCBTMB or MBLEx will be required for the CMT 500-hour Certified Massage Therapist designation.   That means, for the determined student, you could finish your 500 hours by the end of the year and apply for a license without needed to take these exams.   It's an aggressive schedule but one that should energize you and feed your soul. 



 Call the school at 760.321.9214 for more information and  to register.  Class is just a week away, but there is still time to register.  



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June Newsletter check it out.

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June Newsletter
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Start and Finish before CA Licensing Requirements Change

Considering becoming a Certified Massage Therapist?   Did you start your training but did not complete the requirements for a state license?  Now is the time to start and finish.  

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If you are a CMP (250 hour Certification by CAMTC)  or never applied for the CMT (500 hour certification) - this is the year to complete your training.  Somatherapy has developed a full training schedule to enable new students and returning students that never reached the full 500 hour requirement to complete their training before these changes take place.  Now is the time to start, finish and apply for your license - Here's why:

The California Massage Therapy Council CAMTC charter is scheduled for a review the end of 2014.  New legislation is pending in congress regarding this topic and likely will result in changes to the licensing requirements for therapists.  Many cities are starting to adapt tighter restrictions on Massage Therapists including the mandatory CAMTC certification to obtain a business license.    

We recommend that students and therapists READ The ABMP's position on the CAMTC sunset for more information:  CLICK HERE

What to do:  Start, Finish or Upgrade your CAMTC certification over the course of 2014. This can help ensure that your career is in tact for the coming years.   It is not clear which direction the new requirements will take but almost certainly the 250 hour license will no longer be available. 


Should you need more information on licensing- please call our office.  We recommend you review our Calendar of classes pages to plan your classes.   760.904.0912
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It's time to Get Deep... Deep Tissue II is coming.

Our 36 Hour In-depth Deep Tissue II class is on the schedule!  Rick Valenzuela will take you to new depths with this great second level class.  Class starts Wednesdaythe 28th  after Memorial day and runs for 4 weeks.  on Mondays and Wednesdays.


As is our custom, Retakes from past Somatherapy grads who have taken this course before are offered at a 50% discount!  Register early, please call our office 760.321.9214
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Taking Lymph to the next level.

Things are getting pretty exciting at Somatherapy. 

We are super excited to have Kathy Intihar CMT MLD as our Lymph Drainage instructor. Kathy is wrapping up our Intro to Lymph Drainage Massage Class and the students are loving it.  Talk about experiential - Kathy invited three of her Lymph drainage clients to class last week and the students were able to get direct feedback regarding their touch.  We are so lucky to have her!  

She will be teaching the Intro course again as part of our core schedule.  But what's even better, Kathy will be teaching an Intro to Cupping Class in June 14th - a one day seminar.  Then she will be teaching an Advanced Lymph Drainage class in early September 12- 14.  It should be amazing.   We hope to see some seasoned pros here learning new techniques for this sought after modality.   March your calendars and join us.
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Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars 2018

Somatherapy is pleased to present Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars at our Rancho Mirage Location.   


Precision Kinematics: 
Passive Movement as Assessment and Treatment


AT SOMATHERAPY INSTITUTE in Rancho Mirage, CA  May 6, 2018  9am to 6pm

Precision Kinematics is a bodywork approach utilizing passive movements for both assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Developed over many years by Precision Neuromuscular Therapy founder Douglas Nelson and PNMT Instructor Jan Kiener.

Clients love the integration of movement into massage sessions; these movements are both playful and yet very powerful. The effect on the nervous system is deeply relaxing, a perfect complement to both relaxation massage and highly specific soft-tissue techniques. For the client, it adds an element of movement exploration that makes the massage more interesting and enjoyable. For the therapist, Precision Kinematics can be used to transition from one massage technique to another, to integrate new range of motion possibilities after treatment, or to clarify where to direct further specific treatment.   Rocking- Thumb on Spinous-smPNMT

Precision Kinematics is organized according to skeletal planes of movement of the body. As each plane is gently and playfully explored, restrictions in movement are revealed. Often, simply exploring the movements can create the desired change. This treatment framework can help to clarify the practitioners thinking about muscle function, which is a wonderful way to more deeply grasp functional anatomy. This thinking process is at the heart of the whole Precision System.

Instructor: Christopher Sovereign


When: May 6, 2018

Where: Somatherapy Institute

Time:  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
Cost: $195  (Register two weeks in advance and pay just $170) 

Register online on our schedule page

NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours: 8


PNMT for the Low Back  May 5, 2018 


In the PNMT Low Back seminar, you will learn how to efficiently evaluate and treat people with various types of back pain involving the lumbar area. In order to accomplish this, you will learn to clearly identify the anatomical landmarks necessary for great palpation, identify and address the correct soft tissue structures that affect the stated pain pattern, and review how these soft tissue restrictions are tied to movement and everyday complaints.

This seminar is designed to be a "hands on" experience and the style of therapy relevant to everyday practice; you can utilize the techniques taught in class immediately. At the same time, it will sharpen your anatomy skills and assist you in understanding spinal mechanics. We will address clinical applications, review the functional applications that soft tissue plays in back pain, and address common clinical concerns.


When: May 5, 2018

Where: Somatherapy Institute

Time:  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
Cost: $195  (Register two weeks in advance and pay just $170) 

Register online on our schedule page

NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours: 8




ACCURATE ASSESSMENT: PNMT training is based on tests and techniques designed to verify that the muscle being treated is truly an important player in the client's discomfort. Just because a muscle is tender does not mean it is the cause of their pain. Don't

Neuromuscular Therapy at Somatherapy Institute
PNMT Seminars
  at Somatherapy -  Call for current schedule Register Early 760.321.9214  Space is limited

guess; assess.


PRECISE TREATMENT: The heart of our approach is precision. Great treatment on the wrong muscle will not be successful.

Even on the correct muscle, a 5mm positional change or simply changing the direction of your pressure could be the

difference between success and failure. When treatment is not precise, therapists tend to press harder in an attempt to be effective. Our goal is to teach therapists to be more efficient and effective while making the treatment a fabulous experience for the client.


STELLAR RESULTS: It is all about results! All the training, all the therapy, all the philosophy does not matter if the client does not get the results desired. The assessment approaches we use become benchmarks for the effectiveness of the work. It will be very clear to you and your client when you are correct in your treatment approach.


This seminar is designed to be a “hands on” experience so
that you can utilize the techniques immediately. At the same time, PNMT will sharpen your anatomy skills and assist you in understanding spinal mechanics. We will address clinical applications, review the functional applications that soft tissue plays in back pain, andaddress common clinical concerns.


In this seminar, participants learn how to efficiently evaluate and treat patients with various types of head and neck pain including headaches, whiplash, disc issues, and reduced range of motion. You will learn strategies to determine the most effective treatment protocols to make a massive difference in the way your client feels. Students will also find it a great review of the anatomy and function of the neck musculature. RANCHO MIRAGE, CA

PNMT for the Lower Extremity begins with a thorough assessment of the muscles of the hip, looking closely at muscular issues as well as the effect of hip pathology on joint function. Moving methodically down the leg, we will address conditions such as piriformis syndrome, knee pain, hamstring strains, plantar fascitis, and other common lower extremity pain patterns. The class is filled with practical applications to conditions that are commonly seen in everyday practice. RANCHO MIRAGE, CA


Call to register.  Take one or all three. Space is limited, please register early.