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Start and Finish before CA Licensing Requirements Change

Considering becoming a Certified Massage Therapist?   Did you start your training but did not complete the requirements for a state license?  Now is the time to start and finish.  

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If you are a CMP (250 hour Certification by CAMTC)  or never applied for the CMT (500 hour certification) - this is the year to complete your training.  Somatherapy has developed a full training schedule to enable new students and returning students that never reached the full 500 hour requirement to complete their training before these changes take place.  Now is the time to start, finish and apply for your license - Here's why:

The California Massage Therapy Council CAMTC charter is scheduled for a review the end of 2014.  New legislation is pending in congress regarding this topic and likely will result in changes to the licensing requirements for therapists.  Many cities are starting to adapt tighter restrictions on Massage Therapists including the mandatory CAMTC certification to obtain a business license.    

We recommend that students and therapists READ The ABMP's position on the CAMTC sunset for more information:  CLICK HERE

What to do:  Start, Finish or Upgrade your CAMTC certification over the course of 2014. This can help ensure that your career is in tact for the coming years.   It is not clear which direction the new requirements will take but almost certainly the 250 hour license will no longer be available. 


Should you need more information on licensing- please call our office.  We recommend you review our Calendar of classes pages to plan your classes.   760.904.0912