Shiatsu Class - Starts March 10th.

Shiatsu is a great way to practice wellness at home or among friends.  This ancient Japanese-originating practice dating back to 1320 AD has been a favorite wellness practice used in eastern cultures, especially in families. 

Somatherapy offers a 40 hours course in Shiatsu given by a 2200-hour trained teacher.   Class is Thursday nights March 10th - April 28st  5:30PM to 10:30 PM.  This class is open to the public.  

Here are a few key benefits of Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique done with the use of fingers. The massage technique involves an ancient finger-pressure healing technique. The therapy includes the method of anma, a Japanese traditional massage, stretching, and Shiatsu. Shiatsu therapy is also known as needle-less acupuncture.

1. Constipation:

Shiatsu massage can help relieve constipation when applied to the abdominal area, according to the health care providers at the Mayo Clinic. The stretching and pulling of the massage can loosen muscles and relax the intestines and colon to relieve constipation.

2. Relaxed Mind and Body:

The therapy usually leaves a satisfied client feeling relaxed and soothed during the therapy program and right after the completion of the whole treatment. This is due to the gentle yet effective massage strokes and techniques being utilized during the therapy session.

3. Increased circulation:

Shiatsu massage promotes good health through focusing on deep relaxation, which in turn allows the receiver to activate and experience his/her own healing. This feeling of restfulness, associated with better posture, breathing and circulation, can lead to a state of enhanced wellbeing, and can help strengthen the immune system and assist with the function of internal organs.

4. Prevention:

Most major illnesses begin with these common signs of qi imbalance: fatigue; insomnia; digestive disturbances; aches and pains; irritability; anxiety; frequent colds and infections; menstrual irregularities. If you are experiencing any one of these signs and symptoms, regular Zen shiatsu can help. The outcome is the successful prevention of disease. This preventative power is one of Zen shiatsu's greatest offerings.

5. Harmony:

Harmony is the state of free-flowing qi. Stress and illness are signs of qi blocked in its flow. When qi is flowing freely again, the body's ability to heal itself is restored.
6. Sinus Headaches:

Shiatsu massage releases the pressure and congestion within the sinus cavities. The massage drains the mucus, which supplies relief in sinus-related headaches. The pressure is also applied on the meridian points within the nose, hand and eye socket to relieve sinus congestion.

7. Skin:

Shiatsu massages, or Shiatsu, help stimulate circulation within the capillaries of the skin’s soft tissues. The massage also serves to stimulate the secretion of the skin oil glands and keeps skin moist and smooth. This helps give skin resilience and helps prevent wrinkling. A shiatsu massage can help improve the look and glow of the skin with improved blood circulation.

8. Mother Pregnancy:

For thousands of years, shiatsu massage has been used to provide help to women during their monthly cycles. The symptoms of depression and menstrual cramps can be alleviated with this massage. What’s more is that this particular approach can also be used in case of pregnant women. Babies can turn in the womb easily with this massage and it has been known to assist women in labor. Women who are overdue can use this massage to induce labor and it is also helpful in reducing the swelling in pregnancy. Apart from that, the massage is also considered useful in easing morning sickness in pregnancy.

9. Muscle Pain:

Shiatsu and Shiatsu massages can help alleviate the symptoms caused by arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the body's tissue and it attacks the linings of the joints. This disease affects one percent of the world's population. Shiatsu applied to the hands and feet are most effective when suffering from arthritis. Pressure from the massage can also be applied directly to any area affected by Rheumatoid arthritis. Shiatsu can also be used to improve the overall health of muscles throughout the body. Shiatsu helps limber muscles and gives muscles nutrition by improved circulation. It also helps reduce muscular pain.

10. Prevention of disease:

Shiatsu massage fortifies the weak immune system and energizes lymph and blood flow. Qualified shiatsu therapists manipulate the unstable energy channels and proper the balance, which helps protect the body from illnesses and promotes a healthy physical and mental balance.