Free Shiatsu Class - July 31st 10-Noon - Open to the Public

Join us for a Free Shiatsu Demonstration Class and learn about the many benefits of practicing the ancient healing art of Shiatsu. 

Shiatsu is a great way to practice wellness at home or among friends. This ancient Japanese-originating practice dating back to 1320 AD has been a favorite wellness practice used in eastern cultures, especially in families.

Somatherapy offers a 40 hours course in Shiatsu given by a 2200-hour trained teacher. Class is Thursday nights March 10th - April 28st 5:30PM to 10:30 PM. This class is open to the public.

Here are a few key benefits of Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique done with the use of fingers. The massage technique involves an ancient finger-pressure healing technique. The therapy includes the method of anma, a Japanese traditional massage, stretching, and Shiatsu. Shiatsu therapy is also known as needle-less acupuncture.

You must RSVP for this Free demonstration class, Space is limited.   Call 760.321.9214.