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Deep Tissue 3 & Medical Massage Courses Schedule

Here is our list of courses being offered toward the Medical Massage Therapist Program.
John Marasigan LMT BCTMB will be your instructor. 

These courses are guaranteed to get you ready for season and dramatically improve your massage therapy skills.  Call to enroll - space is limited. 

The Following Fall 2017 Courses are scheduled as part of our Medical Massage Therapist Program:

Stretching Flexibility and PNF 40 hours Tuesdays March 28th $520

Deep Tissue III 32 hours Tuesday Mornings  9-1 PM September 27th $420

Medical Injury and Rehabilitation I (Muscular Skeletal) 32 Hours October 20 - 24th Friday, Saturday Monday Tuesday  $425 

Medical Injury and Rehabilitation II (Inflammation & Scar Tissue Massage ) 32 Hours November 21st to December 12th Tuesdays 9-6 PM


All prices are for 2 weeks advanced registration. 

Please call our office to confirm prerequisites and other information.