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Make 2018 Your Year - Join the Best Program in the Valley

It's almost time... our program will start on Monday February 5th.  This can be the ideal time to begin your journey studying Massage Therapy. 

Massage is an amazing career.  It's a wellness profession that is deeply satisfying for the practitioner and client alike.

And Somatherapy is THE place to get your education for just a few of these great reasons: 

Affordable pricing

Truly an EXPERT team of Instructors

A very flexible program - take one course at a time if that is all your schedule permits.  Massage Careers at Somatherapy

A fantastic community of students

And a high quality reputation that leads to gainful employment when you graduate. 

Payment Plans are Available

Join us - it's not too late.   Call 760.321.9214 and begin your journey! 

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2018 Scholarships Now Available!

Somatherapy is pleased to announce New Work Study Scholarships are available for students who begin their program in early 2018. 

These scholarships are limited in number and will offer the chosen recipients up to $1240 off the total program fee.   We invite all new applicants to inquire about the scholarship program and complete an application as soon as possible.  Applicants will be chosen at the end of each month or as received. 

Please contact our director for more information:  760.321.9214  scholarshipSmall
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Myofascial Release -Starts November 20th 6-10 PM.

Fascial therapy connects you with your clients

Join us for Myofascial Release Monday evenings November 20th - This course is 8 weeks with two weeks off for Christmas Day and New Year's Day.   32 Hours. of training wiith Ms. Jessica Needles. 

A textbook is required for this course.   Course is $425. 

When stress, strain, and pain pull your clients apart, bring them back together with myofascial therapy.  Not only does this technique free up joints, muscles, and tissue, reducing pain for your clients, but it gives you, the therapist, an opportunity to refresh your practice and deepen your knowledge of massage therapy. 

According to experts, fascial therapy benefits most muscular and tissue disorders.  Walt Fritz, founder of the Foundations in Myofascial Release seminar series, uses the technique for back, neck, foot, and joint pain, headaches, nerve damage, and scar tissue problems.    myofascial release

Specifically, postural inefficiencies, movement dysfunction, and scar tissue issues are candidates for fascial therapy.

If this technique isn’t in your remedial repertoire, put it there at the Somatherapy Institute, where the professionals will help your practice and your clients’ lives come together again. 

Connect with the Institute and then reconnect with your clients.  You’ll feel the excitement and they’ll feel the relief of myofascial therapy.
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Lymph Drainage Starts 11/15

We are pleased to have our 24 hour Manual Lymph Drainage Course back on the Schedule Wednesday Evenings starting November 15th for 6 weeks.   Lymph drainage is an important modality for massage therapists - recognized by many health practitioners as a way of facilitating the flow of lymph system in the body.  Manual lymph drainage can be used pre and post surgery,  for many health conditions  as well as for general health maintenance.  Students will learn techniques for the face, neck, and body. 

We are pleased to introduce our new teacher Kath Koeppen RA CMT BCTMB  Kath has extensive experience in clinical massage therapys and lymphatic drainage. She was personally instructed by Bruno Chikly, MD. Kath Koeppen is a nationally registered aromatherapist and massage therapist, certified in California and licensed in Texas. She has been practicing both clinical aromatherapy and multiple bodywork modalities for over 20 years, and has been teaching for nearly as long. Kath teaches lymphatic drainage and was personally instructed by Bruno Chikly, MD. A recognized expert in aromatherapy, her writings have been published internationally in  peer-reviewed journals. A lifelong student, Kath loves to impart her passion for learning to others.
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MBLEX Live Review Starts Oct 13th

We are pleased to schedule OUR FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE  MBLEX Exam Review.  Each session will be taught by a different instructor.  

Students must purchase ABMP Exam Coach from the School to take this class. Class is open to Non Somatherapy Students for $225 which includes the $65 for EXAM Coach.   (Somatherapy Students only $65)

Here is the exact schedule:

MBLEX Live Review   Classes are 6-10 PM Except the Kinesiology Review which will start at 5 PM and go until 10 PM. 

10/13 Anatomy & Physiology      N Barker DC

10/20 Pathology                           S Thurman CMT HHP

10/27 Kinesiology  5 PM               J Marasigan CMT BCTMB 

11/3 Business & Ethics                 M Hines CMT

11/10 History, Modalities General  J Marasigan CMT BCTMB

Students Should bring a large Stack of blank flashcards to class, plus pencils and a notebook.  Students should arrive at class with the ABMP Exam Coach App loaded on his/her smart phone. 

Students may attend as many or as few of these review sessions as they like.  This is a not a transcript of CEU credit course.  It is strictly for your benefit.  No Certificates will be given. 

Please call our office to register for this class.
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Polarity is Back! - 2-weekend August Intensive

Polarity Intensive is back for August - 2 weekends 8/18,19&20 & 25,26,27

Diane Charron CMT, HHP will be leading our 40-hour Polarity course in two consecutive weekends this August. This will be two Friday night through Sunday workshops.

Polarity therapy is a holistic healing system that works with this "life energy" in all its forms, using a comprehensive system of bodywork, exercise, nutritional guidance and verbal counseling. The goal of polarity therapy is to realign and unite body, mind, spirit and emotions into harmony and vibrant health.

Polarity offers the massage therapist an opportunity to delve deeper into the subtle anatomy and energetic balance in the body. Polarity treatment is good for anyone with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems. The treatment can also be an excellent tool for self care. The purpose of the treatment is to balance all the energies, horizontal currents, vertical currents. The therapist calls upon the three styles of touch and the protocols of polarity to release pain as well as connect with the elements earth and water elements to air and fire. If you are interested in reading more about Polarity here is a great article from the Massage Therapy Journal archives

Our two weekend intensive will be the 8/18 & 25 Friday nights 6 PM to 10 PM and then 9-6 PM on the Saturdays and Sundays.

The Price is $520

We will offer 50% discount for retakes and encourage our past students to take the course again for a different teacher's perspective.