Myofascial Release -Starts November 20th 6-10 PM.

Fascial therapy connects you with your clients

Join us for Myofascial Release Monday evenings November 20th - This course is 8 weeks with two weeks off for Christmas Day and New Year's Day.   32 Hours. of training wiith Ms. Jessica Needles. 

A textbook is required for this course.   Course is $425. 

When stress, strain, and pain pull your clients apart, bring them back together with myofascial therapy.  Not only does this technique free up joints, muscles, and tissue, reducing pain for your clients, but it gives you, the therapist, an opportunity to refresh your practice and deepen your knowledge of massage therapy. 

According to experts, fascial therapy benefits most muscular and tissue disorders.  Walt Fritz, founder of the Foundations in Myofascial Release seminar series, uses the technique for back, neck, foot, and joint pain, headaches, nerve damage, and scar tissue problems.    myofascial release

Specifically, postural inefficiencies, movement dysfunction, and scar tissue issues are candidates for fascial therapy.

If this technique isn’t in your remedial repertoire, put it there at the Somatherapy Institute, where the professionals will help your practice and your clients’ lives come together again. 

Connect with the Institute and then reconnect with your clients.  You’ll feel the excitement and they’ll feel the relief of myofascial therapy.