6:33 pm

July Polarity Workshop Will be Amazing!

We are please to offer our 40 Hour Summer Polarity workshop again this July.


Polarity is an amazing modality that allow us to tune in with our clients' energetic body to deliver a treatment that relieves imbalance and creates harmony.   Students will learn all about polarity theory and practice the three styles of touch that relax, calm and rejuvenate the nervous system.  With our customized Polarity protocol the treatment allows the client mind/body to enter deep states of natural healing.   


Holistic Health


Polarity Therapy also works with the chakras and elements and basic polarity relationships and integrates these conditions with the three styles of touch used in a Polarity treatment :  Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic.  

Polarity is an excellent compliment to any massage therapist's treatment menu and can be a wonderful and efficacious alternative to deep bodywork.  

Class will be held two weekends: July 13-15 and 20-22. Friday nights 6-10 PM and 9-6 PM both Saturdays and Sundays.  Class is $520. and 40 hours of credit.   A book is optional, please call the office for details 760.321.9214

5:38 pm

Summer Promotion 5$ off 90 Min Massage

Wow!  We need you this time of year.  Book a 90 Minute student clinic massage and get $5 off our regular $40 rate.  That is a fabulous deal.  Call us to book as schedules vary 760.321.9214