You’ve come to the right place!


I’m so excited that you’re considering becoming a Massage Therapist.  This is one of the most rewarding careers – one that will energize you, provide peace of mind, and job satisfaction.


This truly is your time to shine.  This is the real you – acting upon the core of your being and choosing a career that brings balance and personal joy with every individual you touch.


NOW is YOUR TIME and it’s all about learning how to “step into your calling” as a Massage Therapist.


SO WHAT’S the first step?

Some might say the first step is education but first we want you to consider that the career mindset is the first step.


This is HUGE! You have to have the right mindset if you’re going to become a Massage Therapist. 


Imagine working in this rewarding field, helping people feel good about themselves and their bodies.  Now you see yourself delivering a service that everyone looks forward to and FEELS GREAT after receiving.  Not many careers can say that.


Now imagine all of that and being able to manage your career on your time, not someone else's. A career on your time also means you'll have a career that allows for balance and time for family and friends. 

US News Career RankingsAlso, we invite you to stop for a quick moment and feel the appreciation that you are doing good in the world and feel GOOD about it.  

One other cool thing…. No matter what personality type you are, introvert or extrovert - you can excel in the field of massage therapy and start building your dreams NOW.    Massage Classes at Somatherapy Institute School of Massage

If all that is fixed firmly in your mind and you are truly excited to step out of the rat race and into this Amazing Career, then DON’T WAIT.

SO NOW ALL YOU have to do is get your massage education from a school that understand you and honors the professional above all else.   That school is Somatherapy. 



I’ll bet you’ll be surprised to hear that becoming a highly, sought-after massage therapist in your market is a LEARNED SKILL! Really.


And the Somatherapy Institute Education is the best education to get you to your high-satisfaction high-value career.   Our expert teaching staff is at the core of our training.  Our teachers reveal the essential skills, advanced techniques, and proven strategies, for becoming “Expert” in our profession – We do this with a TRIED AND TRUE EDUCATION- time tested by OVER 1500 MASSAGE THERAPY GRADUATES SINCE 1991 – that is 26 years of expertise you’ll be connecting with every time you walk into our classrooms. 


So stop letting life get in the way of your Career – take control now and you’ll be ready to launch your new career in just 7-9 MONTHS.


Getting your Massage Education is rewarding and fun! 

And YES,  Somatherapy Education is ALL about teaching you HOW to get you ready for stepping into the career with the MOST EXPERTISE.  At Somatherapy we aim high with our teaching styles – So you can step into a variety of opportunities in our field: 


THINK:  SPORTS, MEDICAL, SPA, PRIVATE PRACTICE, EVEN MOBILE MASSAGE.  You’ll be challenged by our expert teaching staff who prepare you for each of these fields  - not just some standardized lowest common denominator generalized education. 


Your Education at Somatherapy will give you everything you need and actionable techniques for breaking into the field and becoming the expert in your community market.



Of course, you have choices in Education, but you want a school that is going to FEED YOUR SOUL. You want to enjoy and be passionate about learning – you never want to hate coming to school or feel like the environment is out of sync with the profession.  SOMATHERAPY IS THE ONLY PLACE FOR YOU!


We’re excited to tell you that, it doesn’t matter if you are coming to the massage profession as a first, second or third career.  We understand students and we understand adult learners.  We strive to deliver a STUDENTS-COME-FIRST EDUCATION, where the typical vocational school is sadly answering to corporate management and focused on the numbers.  We are not that.    Our teaching staff and course methods are tuned to what our students need most – education and support.  Our School is designed for women and men of all walks of life, all levels ofReiki Classes at Somatherapy Institute School of Massage experience and all forms of aspirations for their new massage career.


You will learn the LATEST techniques as well as core anatomy and HOLISTIC METHODS.  Each course is uniquely designed to give you not just a taste, but the full flavor of how to utilize what you’re learning and then take it to the field and grow your business or career quickly. Our instructors want you to feel ALIGNED and EMPOWERED to be the very best Massage Therapist.


Finally, the Third Step is BUILDING YOUR MASSAGE CAREER.

When you’ve finished your education with us. We help you through the final steps of getting into the career: taking the licensing exam, applying for state certification and landing your dream job.   Somatherapy is only as good as our base of successful working Massage Therapists so we want to make sure you find the work you will love.   We know where the best positions are and we will help you build your network and grow your massage opportunities. 


When you are well trained, you are able to build a  transformational practice to a grateful clientele.  Once you’re equipped with your Somatherapy Education and it’s much EASIER to be successful and build your career opportunities. 


I hope you’re feeling energized and eager to start your new journey into Massage Therapy.  We know you wont regret it.


We have a rolling enrollment so you can start almost right away or when it’s convenient for you.  Our payment plans are reasonable so you graduate without debt!   And again, we have the best reputation of all the schools in this valley.  


We invite you to take a no-obligation, not even an application tour and see how our education can get you where you want to be! Call 760.321.9214 for an appointmentWe look forward to hearing from you.