Combined: 545 Hours/40 Weeks/7-9 Months*



Massage Therapist Program: 545 Hours/45 Weeks/8-9 Months
Job Titles: Massage Therapist

This program is designed to meet all state certification (CAMTC) required prerequisites. The program may be paid for by classes (a la carte for an additional per class fee) to enable the working student to complete the program at their needed pace.   Payment plans are available. Depending upon the starting courses, the student may complete the program in as few as 7 months or as long as 9 months.  Students have up to 1.5 years to complete the whole program. 

The Core program trains students for entry-level employment in the field of massage. Courses in the core program are designed to specifically meet the CAMTC requirements.  The student will learn to give professional-quality Swedish massage, aromatherapy, clinical and therapeutic techniques. This program teaches massage professionals anatomy, physiology, and pathology.  In addition, the student will learn detailed muscular anatomy and the elements of the business and ethics of massage, whether self-employed or working for others. An important part of the curriculum is the discussion of ethics and boundaries in professional massage.

Students may take the core program concurrent with our advanced modality courses.  The Full CMT curriculum includes the Core program plus course in additional styles of massage with several additional courses including Sports Massage I and Deep Tissue Massage II etc.  The hands-on classes focus on indications and contraindications of each massage modality, demonstration and practice of techniques, and the theory and applications of each style of massage. The complete Level one and Level two course work are designed to prepare the student for the national massage therapist written exam the MBLEx.  The exam fee is paid directly to the testing provider and is estimated at $190.

This complete program is designed to meet the requirements for certification from the California Massage Therapy Council* (CAMTC) which includes 500 massage education hours, including 100 hours in anatomy & physiology, contraindications, health & hygiene, and business & ethics. A livescan fingerprinting, passport photo, CA Drivers License or CA Identification Card, the transcript from our school and the application (check money order or Credit Card payment) with a $150 payment to the CAMTC are also required by the CAMTC to apply for the certification.

Also, this program has been designed to meet the requirements of most cities and employers, however licensing and hiring requirements do vary by city. The student is advised to research the licensing requirements in his or her city.





$100 $425 $6,835 $7,360


Program costs vary depending upon the elective classes taken - Generally the total charge is: $7,360



* STRF FEE of $.0005 X tuition is included in this price

**The Massage Therapist educational programs listed above are designed to meet the requirements for certification from the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC.)